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Sustainable Development. Better future​

Main activities of infinity forest​

Sustainable Development. Better future​

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We believe that gradually replacing the fuels used in thermal power generation facilities with ammonia and hydrogen is an effective option for reducing costs and deploying zero-emissions thermal power rapidly while maintaining a stable power supply.

JERA JP is the leading company in Ammonia and Hydrogen plan. They also plan to conduct demonstration tests with a co-firing rate (by volume) of 30% hydrogen at our gas turbine-type LNG-fired thermal power plants by FY2025 to make hydrogen mixes commercially viable in the mid-2030s.​

If we replace 20% of the fuel at a 1 GW thermal power plant with ammonia, we would need roughly 0.5 million tons of ammonia each year, equivalent to half the current annual consumption in Japan, which is mainly for industrial use and fertilizers.​

Therefore, it is essential to establish a new supply chain for fuel ammonia to ensure a reliable supply for thermal power generation. The process of producing ammonia and hydrogen will be one of the keys to unlocking a decarbonized society. Jera is exploring a wide range of possibilities, including green ammonia and hydrogen produced via electrolysis of water with electricity derived from renewables, as well as blue ammonia and hydrogen, which store CO2 separated and captured in fossil fuel-powered manufacturing processes.​

In Vietnam, to make green amoniac, Infinity Forest is doing R&D of renewable energy, including:​

  • Making Wood pellet from recycle wood furniture and others​
  • Making green amoniac from organic rubbish.


40ha of forest in Nhu Xuan District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam​

10ha of forest in Hoa Binh province, Vietnam.​


Phuc Nguyen​​

Landscape artist
Agricultural expert​


Ma Thanh Danh​​

Carbon credit expert Chairman of Vietnam Asean Hydrogen Club – Deputy General Director of KIDO Group​

Bai Xinghong​​

Financial expert​
IT engineer
​ (Co-Founder)

Ruby Nguyen​

​ Chef Accountant​
Auditor (CPA)​

Khuat Nam​

Agricultural engineer​

Lam Pham​